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Our services can be used before your ceremony, after your ceremony or both. There are always several options depending on how your wedding is arranged.

If you already have a starting point and destination in mind, check the mileage on your car's odometer not the computer.Your car is usually more accurate.

Tell us the distance and we will let you know how long it will take for the horses and carriage to travel this distance.

The bride and her party may decide to arrive at the ceremony site by carriage. This can be arranged whether the bride is getting ready on site or at another location.

You may wish to go from your ceremony to your reception depending on the distance.

If your ceremony and reception are at the same location the horses and carriage may be used as a diversion while your guests proceed to the reception area. This also gives you time for a drive and some fabulous photo oppurtunities.

If the ceremony is too far from the reception to travel the entire distance by carriage you may decide to make a grand entrance to the receptiom . In this case we will have a designated place to meet and begin your grand entrance.

All bookings are done under contract.

A date is not considered booked until we have a signed contract and deposit.

The deposit is 50% of the total price.

The balance is due no later than 60 days in advance of your date.

Price is based on distance from our home.

Once your date is booked the price WILL NOT change. Price is based on distance from our home.

 There are no hidden charges.

Just in case someone asks,we use "catch bags" on the horses to be neighborhood friendly.



 Dragon Run Forge & Livery​

323 Porterfield Hill Rd

Cowansville Pa 16218

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