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Modern Blacksmithing, by H.G. Holstrom. Published in 1904

From the heavy axle and tire, down to the smallest rivet in the wagon, they were all made by the smith. Bells and bits as well as the ornamental parts of the harness, they were all made by the smith. 

From the crowbar and spade down to the butcher and pocket knife,they were all made by the smith.

The carpenters tools, from the broadax and adz down to the divider and carving steel,they were all made by the smith.

 From the heavy irons in the fireplace down to the frying-pan and locks on the kitchen doors;knives and forks on the dining table, they were all made by the smith.


Public Demonstrations and exhibitions

Interactive demonstrations

Blacksmithing classes

 Exhibitions include but are not limited to historical and educational events Festivals and seminars

Blacksmithing Classes

All are welcome. From the very beginner to those more acquainted with smithing.     classes are small for one on one time and reasonably priced.

 classes are held at Woodland Center for Arts & Crafts in Prospect Pa.

 Lunch is included

Click photo for class cost & availability.

PLEASE NOTE:  Days other than listed may be available. Give the blacksmith a call for special details or questions @

 724-525 -0905



 Dragon Run Forge & Livery​

323 Porterfield Hill Rd

Cowansville Pa 16218

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