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Specializing in the roads less traveled

We love every minute of our journey

   Scenic drives are available year round

You can leave the driving to us  and see the wilds of Armstrong County like never before.

Remote woodland scenery viewed at a pace to enjoy.

Turn off the technology

Sit Back,  Relax  and... Enjoy

The roads less traveled.

You don't have to drive hundreds of miles and tap the bank account for a mini vacation.

Become rejuvenated and refreshed. Experience a stress free afternoon in the country.

All outings are private.

Spring _is a beautiful time for a relaxing drive.The early wild flowers are opening, locust tress blooming and evergreens expanding.Have you really ever looked ??   Really.

Summer __is the time for bud's coming out party (Mountain Laurel buds). An excellent family outing.

Fall ____speaks for itself and is always a big hit.

Sit Back , Relax and... Enjoy  The road less traveled.

Leaf peepers welcome 

Winter ____ Yep winter. Do Not forget the sleigh rides .We will be here with bells on. Lots of bells. Well,  except Lantern Rides. Just a few bells on Lantern Rides.

An eight mile ride to relax by. The drive  takes  2.5-3 hours, maybe a little longer if you stop for pictures. That's OK, It's your private drive. A great way  to slow down  and renew.. . Three hours of outstanding scenery and gorgeous views.

 Although we do not have a stop and eat point you could always plan a rolling picnic. Bring a picnic basket  and some drinks. Taaa Daaa instant picnic !!

Bring your cameras too ..... you never know what you'll see.

Did we mention  ??    Bring  your  camera !!

If you would like to do a rolling picnic just let us know,

we need to choose the best vehicle for your drive.

This is a THREE hour ride, you know your child ?? 

Please remember once we leave the farm there are no bathroom facilities.

 Minimum Charge is 120.00 this covers up to 4 adults. No charge for small children. 

Larger party charge ( when available ) is 150.00 . Up to 6 adults. 25.00 per person after the 6th passenger.

If its's chilly we'll supply the blankets

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